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Heat Recovery

A typical heat recovery ventilation system layout

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) is a ventilation system that supplies, and extracts, air throughout a building. MVHR reuses up to 95% of the heat from a property that would potentially otherwise be lost. MVHR delivers a balanced low energy ventilation solution for new builds and developments.

MVHR is a system of ducting channels that feed through a property into each room. A single MVHR cabinet is located in the roof space and works by extracting warm air from the kitchen, wet room or bathroom and simultaneously drawing in fresh air from outside. The warm, damp, and stale air is pulled into the recovery unit, it is balanced, filtered and distributed to the other rooms in the house, living rooms, bedrooms or study. During the summer months, where cooler air is desirable, the heat recovery system is bypassed and ventilation will continue, bringing fresh air in throughout the property.

Up to an incredible 95% of heat can be recovered and put to good use, not wasted.

The key benefits

  • Removes indoor pollutants perfect for sufferers of conditions such as asthma or hayfever
  • Removes condensation reducing dampness
  • Reduce carbon footprint making a marked difference in Dwelling Emission Rate
  • Whole house heat recovery, save on wasted energy
  • Low noise and non-intrusive
  • Increases airtightness

We offer design, installation, and commission. Or if you are able to install your own system, we can commission for you – If we’ve had a pre-site visit before all the ducts are sealed.